Q. How long does dried pampas grass last?

A. It could be different depends on circumstance, but normally lasts for 3 to 5 years.

Q. What is dried pampas grass used for?
A. Pampas grass is simply gorgeous, so you can use many way.
    Pampas grass is really popular in home deco and wedding scene for bouquet arrangements and centerpieces.
    It is also perfect for wreath making, wedding arches, hanging constructions such as pampas clouds and other décor.

Q. Should I put pampas grass in water?

A. No needed! It is dried flower so doesn’t require water.

Q. How tall is the vase you used?

A. It is perfect for around 6~8 inch tall vase.

Q. Is this a real pampas or faux/ artificial pampas?
A. It is real. All of our products are from nature. No plastic!